Thursday, March 1, 2012

Inspiration on Demand

If you've heard me speak, you may have heard me talk about receiving downloads from God. No, I have no illusions that I'm a reincarnated Joan of Arc. A 'download from God' is when a wild new idea, a solution, or a clear path for a dilemma spring fully formed into your mind, just as if you've downloaded a program or song from the 'net. My downloads are intermittent and generally inconvenient, occurring most often while I'm in the shower. I then immediately slosh out to retrieve paper and pen to record the message.
This week I found a way to cause these downloads from God to occur 'on demand'. An amazing insight, buried in the pages of a local women's magazine! I was astonished; I would like to share this technique with you.
The cool thing is these downloads are quite a bit dryer, as they occur in your sleep. The technique is dream recall, and the way that works is in preparation of your brain to process the question or dilemma as you sleep.
There are four steps to insure that this data dump occurs:
Step one: State your intention. Before you go to sleep clearly tell yourself out loud: "I would like to have a dream giving me guidance on my ______. I will remember this dream. I will understand the dream." By beginning with your statement of intention, the universe will likely give you what you asked for.
Step two: Don't move when you first awaken. When you first wake don't change positions right away. The simple act of getting up and relieving your bladder will take you to a fully awakened state. So, hold the thought and your bladder, stay still as long as you can, and try to remember every detail you can recall of your dreams: every feeling, every color, every word.
Step three: Write it down. Have a pad of paper or a dream journal nearby so you can jot down the images and feelings before you forget them. Don't worry if you don't capture the whole story, as sometimes a major symbol or theme will give you a massive amount of guidance or information. I'm told that as you do this more frequently, your dreams stick around longer.
Step four: Act on the information you received. Make decisions based on your new insights. As soon as you do more will be given- the universe provides more as more is needed, but she tends to get pissed off if you don't act on what you've got.
When I tried this, consciously asking for answers and planning to remember my dreams, I was surprised by the vivid colors and the odd stories-perhaps due to perimenopause or pizza. My dreams included dwarf and a journey (well, yes, I did catch an episode of "The Great Race", so that might be the source of that image) on decaying sailing ships, and moss carpeted stairs. If you find and the dreams to be vivid and highly unusual, scan a book on dream interpretation at your local library-there's a fair amount of established psychobabble linked to dreams. Some symbols are just what they are, just as sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. However automobiles and houses usually represent you and your physical body. Your boss or supervisor in your dream represents your soul trying to send a message to you. Dreams of death are associated with change, transition, or the end of something, just as dreams of birth represent creativity and new beginnings in your life. You should record the emotional content of the dream. How did you feel? Were you happy? Bored? Frightened?
I challenge you to sleep, perchance to dream. Accept your own download from God.

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