Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fix Your Look With Dental Implants

Dental implants are an investment in your smile. Individuals who lose a tooth or will lose one due to disease or injury may wish to consider this option. An implant is a realistic-looking, but artificial tooth positioned in the mouth to fill in for a missing one. Newer products are highly durable, long lasting and can blend right in with your other teeth. Unless you tell someone it is there, chances are good they will have no idea it is present. The good news is these are also one of the best investments you can make in your oral health.
When to Use Them
There are many instances in which dental implants can be an ideal investment for your needs. They are often used when it is necessary to get rid of the current tooth or when there is no tooth present but there is a gap, or opening, for one. Though this significantly improves a person's smile, it can also help to improve the function of the mouth. Depending on where it is located, an implant can make it easier for you to eat, speak and swallow. It can also help to keep the teeth on either side of the mouth from turning inward.
What to Expect
When the bone structure of the mouth, especially along the bottom is strong and healthy but the tooth is missing or removed, these can work well. Through a surgical procedure, the dentist will place the piece into the bone structure as an anchor. They can mold and shape the actual structure to fit properly in the mouth, no matter what the gap size is (assuming it is large enough to accommodate a tooth.) Once in place, there is no difference in the way you will use it compared to other teeth.
Getting Started
If you think that this could be a good option for your needs, speak to a dental care provider about it. In doing so, you will quickly learn that you may or may not want to use this option for improving your smile. Those who have good overall health and who do not smoke are most likely to be the ideal candidate for this treatment. Keep in mind that during a consultation with your dentist, you will learn more about whether this is a good option for your needs.
Dental implants can help to give you the smile and look you want to have. They can help you to improve your ability to speak properly and to chew your food. For many people, this simple tool is a good way for improving overall oral health and quality of life.

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